Speech & Awards


Once you become a member, you will begin working on your speeches. You will get the Competent Communicator Manual with 10 speeches and 10 objectives. Each speech, you will learn a new skill and keep building up to become a powerful presenter and speaker.


Speech 1: The Ice Breaker

Speech 2: Organize Your Speech

Speech 3: Get to the Point

Speech 4: How to Say It

Speech 5: Your Body Speaks

Speech 6: Vocal Variety

Speech 7: Research Your Topic

Speech 8: Get Comfortable With Visual Aids

Speech 9: Persuade With Power

Speech 10: Inspire Your Audience

Once you completed your Competent Communicator manual, you can then work on different Advance Communicator manuals such as: Communicating on Video, The Entertaining Speaker or Storytelling…etc. Depends on where you want to move your career to in the future, you pick a manual that close to your heart. Here is an AC speech example by one of our long-time member Ian Su from the advance storytelling manual #1.


Some of our Club Awards and Accomplishment

President’s Distinguished Club 2014/2015
President’s Distinguished Club 2012/2013
President’s Distinguished Club 2011/2012
President’s Distinguished Club 2009/2010
President’s Distinguished Club 2008/1009
President’s Distinguished Club 2007/2008

Throughout your progress, you will receive different kinds of awards.

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