Pathways is the education program that Toastmaster’s members use to guide themselves through speaking challenges to reach new heights both personally and professionally.

Members choose from 11 unique learning Paths and work through five different levels of increasing complexity with two to three projects per level for a total of at least 14 projects per path. Each project focuses on a single, specific theme to help members improve their communication and leadership skills in a particular area.

Accessing Pathways

Pathways is accessed through an online tool called Base Camp.

  • Log into
  • Select Pathways from the menu bar
  • Select “Go To Base Camp”
  • Using the blue tile titled “Access my Path Through Base Camp”, select “Log in as a Member”
  • This will take you to the Base Camp home page.

Pathways Structure

Each level in pathways consists of 5 levels, each level containing approximately 1 – 4 speeches (varies per Path)

  1. Mastering Fundamentals
    1. Ice Breaker
    2. Evaluation and Feedback (2x speeches)
    3. Researching and Presenting
  2. Learning Your Style
    1. Understanding Your ______ Style (path-specific speech)
    2. Skill Development
    3. Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring
  3. Increasing Knowledge
    1. Two Elective projects (2x speeches)
    2. Path-specific speech
  4. Building Skills
    1. One Elective projects
    2. Path-specific speech speech
  5. Demonstrating Expertise
    1. Reflect on Your Path
    2. Path-specific speech
    3. One Elective project

List of Pathways

For a high level overview of all 11 Pathways paths, view the KB article Pathways Path Overview.

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