Metro Speakers Toastmasters is one of the most dynamic and award winning toastmaster club in Burnaby/Vancouver, BC. We have been around since 1980, and it continues to grow. Our members are not only here to practice public speaking and leadership skills, but also to make new friends. Our members have a diverse range of experience, and we welcome speakers from all levels. At a typical meeting, we have around 20-30 attendees, making our meetings exciting, fun and educational.


From our 36 years experience and survey, following are 9 top reasons guests visit us each week:

  1. It’s inspirational.
  2. It is fun.
  3. Guests are always free.
  4. Help other people develop their communication skills.
  5. Develop your confidence.
  6. Make new friends.
  7. Become a leader.
  8. Master your presentation skills.
  9. Become a professional speaker.

Watch this interview about MetroSpeaker’s past, present and future.