Metro Speakers Toastmasters Club, Burnaby, BC
Metro Speakers Toastmasters Club @ Metrotown Community Room

About Metro Speakers

Metro Speakers Club is one of the largest, oldest (40+ years) and most successful Toastmasters clubs in British Columbia. We transform people’s lives by giving members a fun and friendly stage where they can practice looking straight into the audience’s eyes and speaking up.

We currently have four current and past presidents in our club – Mike, Sheree, Phil, and Melanie. These leaders are a great asset for members. They continue to support and guide us at club meetings and in our professional journeys.

What do you learn?

  • Organize your ideas, thoughts and feelings and get to the point
  • Practice using non-verbal communication, humour and emotions to add impact to what you are saying
  • And more!

How are we different from other clubs?

  1. Large Club with Diverse Demographic: We have 20-25 regular members. Our ages range from early 20s to 60s. We are not sure how old our most senior member is, but we do know everyone is young at heart and ready to learn!
  2. Weekly 2-Hour Meetings: Some Toastmasters clubs offer one hour meetings, during the lunch hour and sometimes only two times a month. We offer weekly meetings (Thursdays evenings) that last two worthwhile hours. This gives every member a chance to practice public speaking in one form or another.
  3. Professional & Personal Speeches: We welcome members to practice any type of public speaking – business, real-estate, finance, how-to, travel presentations and more. This makes every meeting educational and inspirational!
  4. Fun Roles: In addition to the core roles that all Toastmasters meetings have – Toastmaster, Timer, Grammarian, Speakers and Evaluators– we offer fun roles such as Motivator, Rant Master, App Master, Food Master and Quiz Master. These roles gives members a chance to deliver speeches with different intentions. Members are also encouraged to listen carefully and be an active participant.
  5. Accessible to All: Our in-person meeting is located close to public transit and has ample free parking spaces.

Our Track Record

On October 1st, 2020, we completed 40 years of having fun and transforming lives. Throughout our history we have won many awards. These awards represent the dedication and hard work that our members put in to make their journey a meaningful one. Here are some of the awards we won over last decade:

Awards for overall club performance

President’s Distinguished Club 2021/2022
President’s Distinguished Club 2020/2021
President’s Distinguished Club 2019/2020
President’s Distinguished Club 2018/2019
President’s Distinguished Club 2017/2018
President’s Distinguished Club 2016/2017
President’s Distinguished Club 2015/2016
President’s Distinguished Club 2014/2015
President’s Distinguished Club 2013/2014
President’s Distinguished Club 2012/2013
President’s Distinguished Club 2011/2012
President’s Distinguished Club 2010/2011
President’s Distinguished Club 2009/2010
President’s Distinguished Club 2008/2009
President’s Distinguished Club 2007/2008
President’s Distinguished Club 2006/2007
Select Distinguished Club 2005/2006
President’s Distinguished Club 2004/2005
Select Distinguished Club 2003/2004
President’s Distinguished Club 2002/2003
President’s Distinguished Club 2001/2002
President’s Distinguished Club 2000/2001

Awards for membership strength and vitality

Smedley Award 2013/2014
Smedley Award 2009/2010
Smedley Award 2008/2009
Smedley Award 2007/2008
Smedley Award 2006/2007
Smedley Award 2004/2005
Smedley Award 2003/2004

Talk up Toastmaster Award 2009/2010
Talk up Toastmaster Award 2007/2008
Talk up Toastmaster Award 2006/2007

Beat the Clock Award 2009/2010
Beat the Clock Award 2008/2009
Beat the Clock Award 2007/2008
Beat the Clock Award 2006/2007
Beat the Clock Award 2005/2006
Beat the Clock Award 2004/2005

We produced the best

Humourous Speech in Division J in 2022
Speaker in Division J in 2019
Speaker in Division J in 2009
Table topics speaker in Area 82 in 2008
Humorous speaker in Division J in 2007
Speaker in Area 81 in 2005
Table topics speaker in Division J in 2005
Humorous speaker in Division J in 2003
Speaker in Area 82 in 2000
Speaker in Area 82 in 2001
Speaker in Area 82 in 2002
Speaker in Division J in 2001
Speaker in Division J in 2002