Contestants present a three-to-five minute speech on any subject they choose. Humor and props may be used to support or illustrate the speech.


  • Speakers must speak for a minimum of 2:30 and no longer than 5:30
  • Speeches must be substantially original.
  • 25% of the speech may be devoted to quoting, paraphrasing, or referencing another person’s content.
  • Contestants must not reference another contestant, or a speech presented by another contestant, from the platform at the same contest in which they are competing.
  • Contestants who plan to use props (including any sort of electronic devices) must notify the contest chair prior to the contest.
  • Contestants may enlist someone to help them with props, but it is not the responsibility of the contest chair or any other contest official to do so.


  • Tall Tales contest speeches must be from three (3) to five (5) minutes. A contestant will be disqualified if the speech is less than two (2) minutes 30 seconds or more than five (5) minutes 30 seconds.
    • Timer will not buzz you off
    • For International contests:
      1. The green signal will be displayed at three (3) minutes and remain displayed for one (1) minute.
      2. The yellow signal will be displayed at four (4) minutes and remain displayed for one (1) minute.
      3. The red signal will be displayed at five (5) minutes and will remain on until the conclusion of the speech.
    • In the event of technical failure of the signal or timing equipment, a speaker is allowed 30 seconds extra overtime before being disqualified.


  • Be a paid member in good standing


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