The Greeter is responsible to warmly welcome guests and members

They are responsible for making all members and guests feel welcomed to the club meeting. As members and guests enter the meeting room, the Greeter greets them. The Greeter shows guests the guest log, gives them a name tag and provides a very high level overview of what will happen so they are comfortable.

This is a good role to take if you are new to the club. It requires little preparation and allows you to meet most members of the club rapidly!

Before the meeting

  • Arrive about 15 minutes early to be able to greet everyone
  • If in person, receive from the Sergeant at Arms the guest name tags to give to any guests who come.
  • If online, ask guests to make sure their Zoom names are setup correctly
  • Welcome people to the meeting with a smile, with a warm hand shake, have guests write their name on a name tag
  • If in person, sit the guest down beside a seasoned Toastmaster who can answer any questions the guest has about Toastmasters and the meeting

During the meeting

  • Keep an eye out for any late arriving guests; help make sure they feel welcome and to find a seat
  • Sit beside the Sergeant at Arms to help them near the end of the meeting when the comment forms and voting ballots get passed to them
  • Help the Sergeant at Arms by collating the evaluation ballots and comment forms as they count up the ballot votes to determine the award winners

Help Resources

13 Ways to Greet Someone

Video Examples

Melanie gives an example of how to greet people as the Greeter.
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