The purpose of the Motivator is to tell an inspiring, motivating or overall encouraging mini-speech within a 2-3 minute speech.

This role helps get the audience’s energy up and to break the ice for the meeting ahead. It is usually scheduled early on in the meeting.

This is a great role to take if you’re new to the club and looking for something easy to get started with.

Before the meeting

  • Find or come up with a story to tell as a mini-speech during the role. It’s best to use something personal, but feel free to draw inspiration from anywhere!
  • It helps to have a central message or lesson to be taught. But feel free to experiment with anything!
  • Try watching some Youtube videos of other motivating speeches to gather ideas
  • Think about how you could encourage the audience to make a positive change in their lives.

During the meeting

  • When it’s your turn to speak, dive right into telling your motivating mini-speech. No need to explain the role before beginning.
  • This is a good role to practice vocal variety in. Concentrate on changing your tonality and responding to the audience’s energy

Helpful Resources

Motivation: What Puts People in High Gear?

Video Examples

Kyle demonstrates how to give a motivating speech as the Motivator.
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