The Quiz master hosts a quiz that engages all the meeting members.

This quiz could have questions based on the theme of the meeting, the question of the week, or anything that happened during the meeting. The quiz will test the members listening skills and general knowledge.

The questions should be based purely on good listening skills and the audience’s ability to pay attention. The questions should not be trivial, but neither is it about testing the audience’s skills at details.

Before the meeting

  • Choose your preferred quiz delivery style. There are some online websites and apps that can be used to present the questions and collect answers.
  • Kahoot and Jeopardy Labs, are 2 sites we have tested in meetings that work well.
  • You should have a list of 10-20 questions prepared or you can make them during the meeting and give about 30 seconds to reveal the question and accept answers
  • Questions may also be presented without the use of an app or online can be done by asking the list of questions and selecting a method that contestants can”buzz-in” i.e. raise hand, ring a bell, make a noise. To randomize it you could draw questions from a hat.


  • Just use a free account/service, it contains a lot of features that are enough for an entertaining game!
  • Kahoot! is a cloud-based quiz platform that is ideal for students and teachers. Since the game-based platform allows you to create new quizzes from scratch.
  • It requires all participants to have access to a computer or phone with the internet.
  • Contestants are shown a question on the hosts screen and 4 possible answers on their screens. The contestant will select an answer and the resulting correct answer will show after everyone has answered or the time is up. Kahoot! Has its own point system which awards more points to the person who responds the quickest.
  • To learn how to play Kahoot! You can follow these directions

Jeopardy Labs

  • Jeopardy Labs allows you to create your own Jeopardy game. The questions are displayed in a grid. A row of categories is listed at the top and questions related to the categories are listed below each column.
  • The questions can be weighted with points which are shown on each square of the grid. To reveal a question the square chosen by the contestant or host is clicked, and to reveal the answer press spacebar

During the meeting

  • When introduced, briefly state the purpose of the Quiz master session.
  • Explain the rules of your game, how contestants can answer, and how points will be awarded. Ask the audience if they have any questions about the rules of the quiz before starting.
  • You may have a score keeper assigned to help keep track of points so you can focus on the questions. (Note: Kahoot automatically score tracks for you)
  • Check the agenda for the total time allotted to the Quiz master  and adjust the # of questions to keep your segment on time.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t ask all the questions, it is alright to omit some if you are running over time.

Helpful Resources

Kahoot! Ways to play

Video Examples

Mike demonstrates how to do the Quiz Master introduction.
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