The purpose of the Jokemaster is to provide tell a funny joke, story, anedocte or overall humorous tale within the span of 2 minutes.

This role helps get the audience’s energy up and to break the ice for the meeting ahead. It is usually scheduled early on in the meeting.

This is a great role to take if you’re new to the club and looking for something easy to get started with.

Before the meeting

  • Find or come up with a joke to tell as a mini-speech during the role.
  • Keep the joke appropriate for the toastmasters audience.
  • As a rule of thumb, if it’s a joke you wouldn’t tell your co-workers then you probably might want to think/find another one.
  • If the joke contains people names, it could add a level of engagement to swap the names out with members of the club.
  • If you want to challenge yourself, try doing stand up comedy/act for a couple mins.

During the meeting

  • When it’s your turn to do your joke, do not state the purpose of your role, just start joking!
  • You are telling a joke – do not read it. Deliver the joke as a mini-speech.
  • Ask the audience to unmute themselves so you can hear how well the joke lands.

Helpful Resources

Reddit Jokes

Video Examples

Kyle demonstrates how to do the Jokemaster role.
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