Before the meeting

  • Ensure the meeting location has been booked
  • Maintain Club equipment in working order and check after every meeting to ensure adequate supplies are available
  • Join/log into meeting prior to the 7pm start time.

At the meeting (in-person)

  • Arrange the room at least ten minutes before the meeting begins
  • Make sure the lectern is in place, the lights are set up, the banner is displayed, seats are arranged properly with comments slips and any voting slips on them
  • Make sure name badges are available
  • Greet members and guests and arrange for guests to sit with members
  • Ensure the meeting starts on time
  • Start the meeting with an explanation of the rules, manner and an introduction to the Chair Person.
  • Collect voting slips and count votes

Explanation of rules (in-person)

  • Cell phones and other electronic devices should be turned off or put on silent
  • When someone is speaking on stage, refrain from entering or leaving the room. If you are coming back from outside, peek through the window to see if someone is on staging talking. Enter and exit during round of applause and speaker transitions
  • Where to find the washrooms and the code needed to access
  • Clap as each speaker begins and concludes their speech

At the meeting (online)

  • Arrive at the online meeting at least ten minutes before the meeting beings
  • At 7pm, begin the meeting. Start with an explanation of the rules, manner and an introduction to the Chair Person.

Explanation of rules (online)

  • Be mindful of constantly turning off your camera to go do something. Try to
    accomplish your task the start of the meeting and only leave if necessary
    (like in person meetings).As much as possible be in a room with limited distractions. (ie pets, noises,
    other individuals, etc)
  • Choose your background at the start to the meeting and only change it
    during the break or if the meeting is allowing.
  • Please make sure the microphone is turned off unless you are speaking.
  • Make your conversations Toastmasters appropriate.
  • Avoid multi-tasking.
  • Position camera at eye level.

Helpful Resources

Sergeant at Arms Overview

Video Examples

Melanie gives a demonstration of the Sergeant at Arms role.
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